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Professor Mark Waters - Mark has over 20 years of research experience in the area of biomaterials, and particularly in the development of novel silicone rubber materials.  He is currently a Professor in Biomaterials at Cardiff University as well as Director of Technovent Ltd.  He has published over 50 papers in national and international peer reviewed journals in the area of polymeric biomaterial development.  Professor Waters has been responsible for the development of numerous materials for use in maxillofacial prosthetics and dentistry, in addition to industrial materials.  Technovent manufacturers and markets worldwide the Magna-Cap magnetic retention system for use with dental and crainiofacial prostheses.  The technology and functionality of Technovent products has been established over many years of research, development and clinical use.  Since becoming directory of Technovent, Professor Waters has enhanced their product line and has been instrumental in developing new innovations in magnetic retention for facial and dental prostheses.

I.C.E. Directors

John McFall - is the Executive Director of Factor II Inc., founded in August of 1978 to supply reconstructive clinicians with a consolidated supply source of materials, equipment and information. John trained at The University of Texas, M.D.Anderson Hospital in 1976. He has been continually involved in the development of materials to enhance the art and science of maxillofacial prosthetics. Factor II has been involved with all of the major manufacturers in keeping pace with the development of silicone elastomers; Companies such as: Dow Corning, Nusil Silicones, Rhodia Silicones, Applied Silicones, GE silicones and the latest player to add to this list is now Bluestar Silicones. John believes that the future of this Specialty lies in education and intends to pursue this concept by bringing the manufacturer closer to the lab to understand the clinical needs of the maxillofacial industry. 

About us . . . 

The International Centre of Education provides first class educational and practical courses in silicone prosthetics.

The International Center of Education is a joint collaboration between two of the worlds leading manufacturers and suppliers of maxillofacial prosthetic materials; Factor 2 inc (USA) and Technovent Ltd (UK). 

Along with a selection of the most talented and knowledgeable anaplastologists/educators  and in our own specially designed building we are able to offer first class educational and practical courses that are unrivalled worldwide.